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July 2010 archive

Welcome to the Official Blog of Romance Writer Victoria James

I like the idea that I’m dedicating every spare minute of my time to my writing.

It’s what I love to do most and what gives me the most peace and satisfaction.  However, I’ve also benefitted a great deal from reading other people’s blogs, forums, and websites in the vast internet wilderness.  There’s a wealth of information and resources out there to help writers at all stages of their career.  It would be irresponsible of me not to offer my own modest contribution through some ramblings, stream of consciousness, and occasionally some bits of wisdom I’ve come across or experienced via my own blog.

For what it is worth, I cannot promise daily posts, but I will try to check in occasionally and share my own adventure as an aspring writer.   When you see lulls between posts, it’s likely due to my writing.   There’s no point in having a writing blog, if I don’t get time to write! I also look forward to sharing the things that are inspir

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