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August 2010 archive

Tick-tock… tick-tock…

How do you get those submissions you’re waiting to hear back on out of your mind?   It’s no secret that the hardest aspect to an aspiring writer’s career is “the wait”.  Waiting is a huge part of this business.  It’s simple to accept at first.  I was almost cavalier about it.  No big deal, right?  But then the days and weeks start slipping by.  And “the wait” becomes torturous.

Just how many times can I check the mail and madly thumb through the bills and junk hoping and praying for SOMETHING?  Mail time is now somewhat of a repetitive ritual once a submission has ripened nicely – you know, when the submission has been there long enough that you can start to expect a response back (even though you don’t actually hear for weeks or months thereafter!).  So you must be thinking what’s my solution?

Sorry, no help here.  I suffer like everyone else.  If you have a suggestion for me, I’d love to hear it.  I know, I know, focus on another WIP.  That’s the obvious answer and definitely what I’m already doing.  But still… a writer can’t help but dream.  And daydreaming about Ms. Editor calling me to say that Silhouette wants to buy my book is a dream.   But it’s a good one.

Actually at this point, I’m fantasizing about a great rejection letter.  Yes, that sounds sad.  And maybe even pessimistic, but in this business, a detailed rejection letter listing all the places you went wrong (and hopefully a line about what the editor did like) is a dream.  So… my little guy is in bed and now I must get my mind off the wait.  It’s time to work on the current WIP.  It’s set around Christmas time and I’ve made my new playlist for this book – lots of Christmas music, especially lots of Sarah McLachlan (I just love her Christmas album).

That reminds me of another “you know you’re a writer when….” moment:  Nothing like listening to Christmas music when it’s 34 degrees Celsius (or 93 degrees Fahrenheit) outside!

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