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September 2010 archive

Wishing for more than 24 hours in a day…

My last blog post was all about the waiting game.  But that got me thinking…  The flip side of waiting for a publisher response is that there’s never enough time in a day to get a day’s worth of writing done.  It’s kind of a cruel game.   You have to agonize over the wait for a response, but can’t find enough time to put pen to paper on the million ideas, stories, and characters swirling around in your brain.  If only I could write as fast as I could think!   I can never understand those who say they have “writer’s block”.  I mean I get that sometimes as a writer you can get stuck on a particular situation, scene, character, plot point, etc., but to be stuck to the point where you can’t write, I mean that would be incrediblly hellish for me.

One of the most painful things for me to do is to have to tear myself away from my laptop to deal with real life.

Husband, kids, family, work obligations, and social obligations often pull me away from my writing.  Sure this is normal and unavoidable, but it kills me each time.  Do you know when you’re writing and feel the words and scenes flow perfectly before you, like once you have a good tear going in a piece of cloth.  It flows so quickly, neatly, and perfectly, there’s not much else you need or require.  These are the days I live for.  The most horrible thing in that moment is to peel yourself away from your writing to deal with whatever comes at you.  Unfortunately real-life is the enemy of fiction writing.  But as inconvenient, irritating, and downright disruptive as that is… … … it can’t be an excuse of not generating solid, consistent output.

The only real conclusion one must reach in order to succeed in their writing is simply this:  Deal with it.



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