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December 2010 archive

My Typical Day

  1. The alarm goes off.  You might have one of those.  You know, the one that sounds like a three year old calling
    Mooooommmmy” for like ten minutes non-stop until it finally permeates my deep sleep.
  2. I wake up…. groggily
  3. I brew coffee – the highlight of the morning.
  4. I get the little guy breakfast and an episode of Diego going.  Go, Mommy, go.  (Yes, yes, TV is bad, but he watches less than an hour a day, weekends usually none – I’m at peace with it… let’s call it a necessary evil).
  5. With coffee mug in hand and Diego already chattering with a llama on the mini DVD player, I escape to my laptop.
  6. I check my emails.
  7. I check the boards on eharlequin
  8. Another animal saved thanks to Diego and we’re off to get dressed upstairs, join the hubby who is getting ready for work.  Three days a week we drive daddy to work then we’re on our own from 10am on.
  9. I’ll try my hardest to rope my parents into looking after the little guy for a few hours whenever I can, but that usually doesn’t happen more than once a week, sigh.  It’s ‘play-time’ most of the other times.
  10. 1 or 1:30 is nap time usually.  This is where I’m back on the computer and try to get in what I can.  Some days I end up taking a half hour snooze or doing house stuff.  Daytime is considered bonus writing time for me if I can steal it away.
  11. The little guy wakes up around 3:30 and we hang out and I keep him entertained, stimulated.  Maybe it’s a walk or more play-time or exaggerated errand-running (ie. desperately attempting not to make errands boring). 
  12. Six o’clock we pick up daddy.  Eat. Bedtime is around 8pm for him.  Then our night starts.
  13. Computer is on from 8:30-11:00pm.
  14. At 11:00pm I work out until midnight.
  15. Upstairs, shower, dress, read, watch TMZ with the hubby.
  16. Lights out at 1:30am only to start it again the next day!

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