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May 2012 archive

Coming Soon…

I’m so excited to announce that I’m going to be joining a super-talented bunch of romance writers on a brand-new group blog!

The blog officially launches this Friday, June 1st, so stay tuned for details!

Racing toward the Finish Line…

My apologies, I’ve been a bad, bad blogger!

Life has gotten in the way, and every spare moment I’ve had has been spent on this manuscript that is due June 1st.  It’s really a race to the end, and I’m so behind on my own schedule.  I’ll be honest, this has taken me by surprise.  A month ago, I really thought I was nearing the end on this one.  Really.  So what went wrong?  There were things in it that just didn’t ‘feel’ right.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, so I just kept on writing…

But those words that didn’t feel right didn’t magically right themselves…So what did I do?  Chucked half the blasted book and re-wrote it!  Ugh.

Now that I really am nearing the end, I like it so much better.  This was a manuscript that I wrote a few years ago.  And even though I haven’t really changed the characters, my writing has changed so much that I just felt I couldn’t really keep any of the old stuff, even though I had tweaked and strengthened the conflict.  I needed new words.  I needed it to be in the voice that I’ve finally discovered is my ‘true’ voice.

So this week I’ll be racing toward the finish line, and hopefully next week be operating at a more normal pace…


I have Release Dates!

I just found out the release dates of my books for Entangled last night.  I’m so excited because they are SOON and it actually is beginning to feel real!

I’m not sure about the titles, but right now these are the working titles.  The are all part of the Indulgence Imprint..

A FAMILY FOR CHRISTMAS in November, 2012

RETURN TO RED RIVER will be released in January, 2013

THE BEST MAN’S BABY will be released in February, 2013

I should probably get back and finish RETURN TO RED RIVER…

Big night for DS tonight, I’ll post about it tomorrow!

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