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June 2012 archive

There’s Not Enough Time!

This has been our tag-line around here lately.  The dh and I have been repeatedly yelling this out throughout the day at various intervals.  Perhaps it’s a stress-reliever because it’s usually followed by a chuckle or two-or perhaps it’s a little tribute to Jack Bauer…

We’re heading down to the beach this week for some rest and relaxation…um, er, is that possible with 2 young kids?  Let me reprhase that…we’re heading down to the beach for fun and a change of scenery before things get really busy.  We’ll spend some time with my parents, who are already there, and then we’ll have the place to ourselves for the rest of the week.  The DH and I will both be bringing our laptops even though wireless down there is almost nonexistent.

I’ll be blogging over at The Hot Pink Tyepwriter on Friday, so be sure to stop by!

Hope your summer is going well…


What a ride this week has been…

This past week has been filled with ups and downs.

The week started with a bang, as DS was officially on summer vacation.  It was slightly-no-extremely-louder than usual around the house.  So loud and disruptive in fact, that DH who works from home is now looking for an office outside the home.  Seriously.  This was only Monday.

I took the kids to our favourite farm, where they got to feed the animals, eat freshly-picked strawberries, strawberry muffins (well, DD chucked her strawberry muffin at unsuspecting passerby) and I got to browse the charming little store.

DS is officially registered in his new “big-boy” school for September where he’ll be entering grade one.

Wednesday night, I received a phone call from my agent.  We touched base on what I was working on and I was able to ask her about a long-term project that I’ve had on the back of my mind (I’ll fill you in on that later).  And then she also gave me some really exciting news from my editor at Entangled, which I can’t share just yet.  That news totally made my night and I can’t wait to share the details when I get them!

And then Thursday happened, and that’s when everything got derailed.  I took my parents to meet with my father’s oncologist.  My father has been dealing with prostate cancer, and while his prognosis is excellent, the doctor is recommending a round of radiation therapy.  This news kind of took us by surprise.  But it’s something that was looming on the horizon, and now we have to deal with it.  Sooner rather than later.  So the next day, it was back to the hospital to start the ball rolling.  Radiation will start in July and it’s 5 days a week for almost 8 weeks.  We do have a lot to be thankful for, the doctor is very certain that this course of treatment will be able to eradicate the cancer.

DH and are I trying to figure out the logistics.  While we both have flexible work schedules, if we take time off during our work day, it just bleeds into all other part of our downtime.  I think I will end up taking one kid with me to the hospital to drive my parents.  Time at the hospital should be around 40 mins total we’re told.  So, all in all it will probably eat up about 2 hours of every weekday for the 8 weeks.  And while this is going to be a crazy summer, it feels so good knowing that we can  help my parents, and that my father’s prognosis is so good.  Hopefully the side effects will be minimal and we can keep him positive and happy.

Saturday was spent trying to get a handle on the house that once looked like a house, but has now succumbed to the chaos that has become our lives.  By the end of the day though, it was looking like a home again. Then DH got my shiny new blog up and running-what a guy!

The week didn’t end there, of course.  Today I was supposed to go to a bridal shower for a dear friend of mine and as I was getting ready, DH came down with a horrible, horrible migraine.  He lost sight and everything.  So, as badly as I felt for cancelling last minute, I had to.  I stayed home with the kids while DH crashed upstairs.  DS and I ended up baking some chocolate chip cookies together.

And well, speaking of roller coasters, tomorrow we’re heading out to Canada’s Wonderland…let’s hope that’s the biggest ride we’ll have to deal with this week.

A state of emergency was called…

My coffee maker broke yesterday.  We had a house full of people and there I was, pouring the coffee when, SNAP, the handle split from the glass carafe and it crashed on the counter top.  Hot coffee spilled everywhere.  But that wasn’t the tragedy.  It was broken.  BROKEN.

State of emergency?  Well, yes.  Without coffee, children won’t be fed, dressed, bathed.  Chaos will erupt.  Word count goals won’t be met.  In essence, the house will cease to run.

So, bright and early, I got out my trusty little Italian, stove-top espresso maker  (yup, it was purchased in Italy, over a decade ago at a little ‘mercato’ in my father’s village) and brewed a delightful cup of Illy coffee…And then I grabbed the kids and hightailed it over to the mall where I purchased a gleaming, new, pretty-looking coffee maker.

Now, I’m not known for my skills of assembly or instruction manuel interpretation (my eyes cross over and the words suddenly look foreign), but I got this baby set up in record time.  And now, I’m sipping my second cup of freshly ground Ethiopian coffee…oh, and writing…

I promise, no more posts on coffee…

Summer is almost here!

As excited as I am about summer’s imminent arrival, I am *slightly* terrified over the lack of writing-time I’m going to have!

We have some fun stuff planned-trips to Canada’s Wonderland, a few weeks/weekends at the beach, a couple of birthdays, a Cuban festival, (no, we’re not from Cuba, but friends of ours and us are obssessed about a little Cuban restaurant in the neighborhood and we have now decided to do a yearly Cuba-fest.  And well, I guess it’s not technically a ‘festival’ but, have enough to drink and heck, it certainly feels like a festival!) We plan on having some time to just relax and enjoy each other’s company and the lack of routine that summer brings…

I’ll be busy working on my next book for Indulgence, the third book in my series.  And I’ll also be blogging a lot over at The Hot Pink Typewriter.  We’ve got some great interviews and posts coming up this summer!

DS finishes his final year at his little preschool tomorrow, and next year will be attending grade one!  He’s a busy little guy so I have enrolled him in a few 3 hour camps, 2-3 days a week.  My plan is to drop him off on those afternoons, and run to the closest coffee shop with my laptop.  At least I know that will be ‘my’ time.  Now, I just need to figure out what to do with DD during that time…any volunteers? 🙂


It’s officially gone…

I realize I haven’t updated my blog on that book I was agonizing over for ages!  I finally handed in my book on May 30th-two days before my deadline.  It was painful!  If you happened to read my post on the new, super-fabulous group blog, starring some awesome romance authors (I know, that was shameless promotion, sorry- it’s a new blog!)  The Hot Pink Typewriter, you’ll know why it was so hard to write.  But I finally did it, emailed it off.  And now I wait to hear.  But I can’t just sit around waiting because I have the last book in this series to write.  More about that soon…

I thought I’d share this quote, that the DH emailed me one night, when I was deep in drama and despair.  It really summed up what I was feeling-and what actually happened.  It’s a great motivational quote that I think you can apply to so many things…

“When it seems impossible, when it seems like nothing is going to work, you’re usually just a few millimeters away from making it happen.”                                -Anthony Robbins

I’ll be back soon with an update on my new WIP!

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