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Evan Manning is here!!!!

9781633751149_500He’s finally here…Evan Manning is on virtual shelves everywhere!!!

Oh and how lucky am I? Today also happens to be mine and the hubby’s wedding anniversary-13 years! I was either a child-bride or I’m getting old. Neither of those options is very reassuring. So to celebrate we’re going out for dinner tonight-with the entire family…but no worries, Friday night we’ll be going out just the two of us.

Thank you all for sharing book release day with me! Your support, your reviews, and your comments make days like this extra special and exciting.

I’ll be running a contest later this week, so be sure to check back on my blog! If you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter, be sure to do so for the latest book release news and contests available only to subscribers!

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Evan Manning Update & Excerpt!

shutterstock_111957710I’ve been very bad, I know! This has really been a year of starts and stops for me. We’ve gone through everything from the typical kid flus and illnesses to some really scary stuff with my mother. I’m so happy to say that now, everyone is fine. My father has finished all his cancer treatment and is cancer-free. My mother who had surgery to have a tumor removed this spring (this was not expected and we were really praying for a happy outcome) also received a clean bill of health. We’re all grateful and I feel like things are now settling down and returning to normal fast-speed. School has started and for the first time ever, I now have 2 kids in school-full day!!! And of course, the first school cold has made it’s way through our house. I’m not even surprised…enough babbling? Want some news?

I’ve got SO much news, I might burst with it! I can’t reveal all of it yet (I’m sorry!) but I think you’re all going to be really happy…what can I say at this point?

Evan’s book is coming out this October 20th (one month!).

I will have more news on Evan…as well as some other awesome, exciting stuff. I think it’s worthy of a newsletter so watch for one, soon!

Also, I know a lot of you guys who signed up for my newsletter after I sent the one with the big Evan excerpt one out, didn’t get to read it. So…I’ve got a teaser for you below! I hope you enjoy!

If you’re not already following my blog, be sure to do so-you can on either the left or right sidebars. Same with the newsletter, lots of cool stuff coming up, you won’t want to miss it!

Enjoy the excerpt!
The engine purred, and she turned to him, her fingers gripping gearshift between them. The fear in her eyes propelled him to place his hand over hers. Her hand jumped beneath his. “You can do this,” he said, his voice sounding hoarse to his ears. She gave him a nod and stared straight ahead.
            And then in a split second, she’d pulled the key out of the ignition, slipped her hand from his, and practically jumped out of the car. Evan swore under his breath, and before she could get far, he met her outside. Rain poured down, and he grasped her shoulders. She was crying.
            “Grace,” he said, willing the odd lump in his throat to go down. For some reason, her tears didn’t make him want to run the other way. They made him want to stay. And fix things for her. That should have been his first warning to pull back.
            She squeezed her eyes shut and leaned her head back against the car, rain mingling with her tears. “I thought I could. I thought I could get all the memories of that day out of my head. But being in the car with you…Evan. It just brought me too close. I don’t want to go back and conquer anything. I can’t do it. I’m sorry.”
            He felt helpless for a second as he watched the torture play across her delicate features. But he wasn’t a helpless kind of man. He didn’t sit around and watch people suffer. He didn’t know what the hell he was feeling, what he was thinking, except that he needed Grace to feel safe.
            And he wanted to feel her against him, where he knew he could keep her safe.
            He gently pried her hands off her face, holding her wrists. “You don’t owe me an apology.”
            Her gaze leveled on his, green eyes bright and intense and filled with so much emotion that it slammed him into him. “I owe you everything.”
            He didn’t want that. He didn’t want her gratitude. He wanted everything but her gratitude right now…and if that wasn’t about to complicate the hell out of everything. All the promises he made not to get involved… He let go of her wrists and braced his hands on the car, on either side of her head, taking a step closer, feeling the shiver of awareness that ran through her.
            Maybe he could convince himself that this was his civic duty. Good Samaritan stuff and all that other crap that was involved when a person lived in a small town like Red River. He was more than willing to sacrifice himself and offer up the best thing he could offer for easing any kind of pain.
            He just wanted to make her feel better.
           He leaned down and gently kissed the soft flesh beneath her earlobe. She clutched his biceps and let out the sexiest sound that had every single reason why he and Grace couldn’t happen flying out the window. He trailed kisses along her wet skin until he reached her gorgeous, soft mouth.
            Grace tasted like dessert, the sweetest he’d ever had.

Hope you enjoyed the Evan and Grace teaser!



Giveaway Winner!

shutterstock_115925428Hey everyone, thanks for playing along and commenting this week! It’s nice to know someone is actually reading my blog ;-).

So, yesterday’s winner: Ann. Ann, please email me your info and I’ll send along your prizes. Everyone, all your prizes will be shipped/emailed this week so check your inboxes!

My newsletter will also be going out, filled with Red River goodness and other news, so make sure you’re on the list and have confirmed your subscriptions! If you didn’t win a prize this week, don’t worry lots of opportunities in the newsletter.

Off to start the day-and I think it’s going to be a good one…the 7YO is going to baseball camp for the day and the 3YO is going to a morning gymnastics camp. I must get major word count in on Gage and Meredith’s story!




Week of Giveaways-Day 5

The Billionaire's Christmas Baby - By Victoria James

He wanted a marriage for appearance only… she wanted a family for real

It appears my 5-day contest has lasted seven days, lol.

First up? Yesterday’s winner? Nicola! Nicola, just email me your details-along with the print book of your choice and I’ll send along your prize :).

Today’s the last day of the contest (don’t forget I have that newsletter going out soon, so if you’re not already signed up, make sure you do!). It’s also the last day of the t-ball tournament-and it’s raining. Think 7YO’s in the mud and lots of laundry.

Today’s contest question…do you love Christmas books? Do you read them even when it’s not Christmas? I’m a sucker for a good Christmas romance and I had really hoped to have a Christmas release this year, but it just didn’t work with my schedule but I’m tempted to write another one for next Christmas :).


TMRHR_500Today’s Prize? A digital copy of fellow Indulgence author, Christine Glover’s book, The Maverick’s Red Hot Reunion + a PRINT copy of either Red River book (your choice).



Thanks for hanging out with me this week and commenting! xo



Week of Giveaways-Day 4

Cole ForresterHey guys-first up is yesterday’s winner-PUJA! Yes, it was Quinn. Congrats! Just email me your info :)

Oh and just because I thought it was my duty to share-that man on the left? Cole :)

Today’s contest is super easy because, well, it’s Friday and I’m wiped! How about you guys? Since I didn’t post a new contest yesterday, I will do another one tomorrow. DS is in a T-ball tournament all weekend so I might be late in posting. Also, don’t forget if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, the big one is going out soon, filled with Red River news and contests, and the longest Evan excerpt ever ;-).

Okay-so today’s question: Do you like revisiting the same town/characters in romance or are you up for a new, fresh start every time? Here’s what I’m getting at…after Evan’s book I’m not sure I want to leave Red River yet…seems like there might be a lot more characters in Red River that need to have their stories told…what do you think? I’ll pick one random winner and announce tomorrow! The Prize? A print copy of EITHER BEST MAN or RISK + a digital copy of A RECIPE FOR ROMANCE (an awesome book!) from my good friend and talented writer, Olivia Miles. RFR-cover-189x300

Week of Giveaways-Day Three

Hero 1UPDATE: Hey guys so no one guessed the hero! I’ll extend this another day-and give you all a clue with this quote: “____had the walk of a man who knew himself and didn’t give a damn what the world thought of him.”

Does that ring a bell?? I’m a tease, I know ;-).

So…yesterday’s winner? Kim M. Congrats Kim, just email your mailing address and I’ll send you a print copy of THE BEST MAN’S BABY :). Thanks for commenting everyone!

I’ll make today’s post short and sweet since in about two hours I’ll have four, 3YO’s descending on our house for a playdate…pray for me!

Today’s Question: Which hero (in any of my books) do you think was inspired by this gorgeous man on the left? To me, it’s obvious…let’s see how many of you guys get the right one. The prize? A $10 Amazon Giftcard + a digital copy of any of my books. Good luck!!



Week of Giveaways-Day 2

Flowers from Entangled

Yesterday’s contest winner? MONIQUE. Monique, congrats! Just email me your mailing address (you can use the form on the contact page) and a signed copy of A RISK WORTH TAKING will be in the mail soon :).

Yesterday was a pretty cool day around here…first of all-you guys left me comments! And that was so awesome, because a part of me panicked and thought no one would :). I *may* have even sent a panicked email to my BFF saying that no one was going to comment and enter my contest…so THANKS guys for saving me from that embarrassment!!

Second cool thing that happened? Around five o’clock (also known as crazy o’clock around here), I was making dinner (trying to anyway) and the seven year old was teaching the three year old how to be a Jedi warrior…fast forward to lots of screaming, an eyeball being nearly poked out by a light saber, etc, etc, and then suddenly the 7YO yelling that he hears someone knocking at the door. By this point, dinner is burning and I’m wondering whether it’s too early to pour myself a drink, so I say that whoever it was at the door, must have been scared off by all the crazy screaming. Sure enough, I see no shadow at the door and don’t even bother opening it. Somehow we make it to bedtime and when there’s nothing but silence in the house, I open the front door because I remembered we hadn’t checked mail. What do I find on the doorstep?

That gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my publisher, Entangled. I stood there, reading the note and the moment was truly surreal. Seriously. I’m just so grateful I get to write the crazy stories that I daydream about and that I have a publisher who publishes them, an editor who pushes me and makes my stories better, and I have the most awesome readers ever! Thanks guys, you truly rock!!!!! You guys email me, leave me comments, write reviews-and you enter my contests!!! :)

Soooo without further blabbing…

Today’s contest? I’m giving away a signed, PRINT copy of THE BEST MAN’S BABY. All you have to do is tell me what book this excerpt is from. I’ll pick one random winner tomorrow who names the correct book…let’s see how well you know your heroes ;-).

(P.S. Don’t forget to check back everyday this week for a different contest. And I’m sending out my biggest newsletter ever this week, so be on the lookout for it in your inbox!).

“You want the bottle or the glass?” he asked, turning to look at her.
She swallowed hard. “The bottle. Definitely the bottle.”
“Impressive.” He smiled, an adorable smile that made the corners of his eyes crinkle and a dimple appear on one cheek.
It made her toes curl and sent ribbons of pleasure through her body.
He leaned back into the cushions, his smile falling slightly.
She looked at him, from the handsome face to the bare, perfectly sculpted torso to the narrow waist and long, lean legs. She wasn’t going to lick her lips, like the man was a part of an all-you-can-eat dinner buffet, but then he leaned forward to pick up his glass from the coffee table and a ripple effect of muscles over his abs sent a ripple-effect through her body. Why, oh why, did Cori have a brother like this?
Her insides liquefied, and she grabbed the bottle, downing a large swig. She didn’t even cough as the liquid burned a path down her throat.
“I hope I’m not going to have to pick you up off the floor,” he said, again that smile still on his face. She’d never seen him smile so much. He must have downed a hell of a lot of whiskey while she was in the washroom.
“Relax, cowboy, I can handle myself.” Then she cursed herself.
She was flirting.
Relax, cowboy? It was like she was repeating lines from a movie. And then he actually chuckled. More like a smooth, rolling laugh that reverberated through every inch of her body. She tucked her uninjured leg under her and smoothed the long shirt over herself carefully.
“Oh my God,” he yelled, leaning over her.
She backed up into the cushions. “What?”
He was looking at her foot. “Your ankle is huge.”
She wanted to die. “No, it’s not. I don’t have huge ankles.”
“It’s the size of a freaking cow hoof. Why didn’t you tell me?”
His voice was raspy and tender at the same time. Before she could process the cow-hoof remark, he wrapped his strong hand around her injured ankle. She flinched and gasped out loud.
His head snapped up. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me you were this hurt?”

So, do you know? What book is this from, tell me in the comments! Good luck!


A Party, Contests, and…Evan Manning!

TBMB-500THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of you, who bought a copy of THE BEST MAN’S BABY helped make it a USA TODAY Bestseller! So, this party I’m having is all about you guys, because without you, it wouldn’t have happened :).

Every day this week on my blog, I’ll be doing a giveaway, so be sure to check in!

I’m cooking up a few things that I think you’ll love. The biggest stuff is going out in my newsletter-now I usually only send out a newsletter when there’s a book release, but I’m thinking this one needs to go out because I have tons of fun stuff and prizes for you all :).

I know how long you guys have been waiting for Evan’s book so I’m going to be including the longest excerpt ever of the last Manning brother book. I’ll also have some updates on what I’m working on next, some other Red River news, and contests.

The newsletter will be going out sometime this week, so look for it in your inbox! Haven’t signed up yet? Now’s the time! (A signup form is on the left sidebar :)).



A Risk Worth Taking-900pxA signed, PRINT copy of A RISK WORTH TAKING. For those of you who don’t know, this is the first book in The Red River Series and is all about Holly and Quinn. What do you have to do to enter? Simply leave a comment telling me your favourite Holly and/or Quinn scene from THE BEST MAN’S BABY (so this could be a Holly and Claire scene, a brothers scene, whatever it was you loved with either one or both of those two:)).

I’ll draw one random winner and announce tomorrow :) Good luck!

Victoria xo



Nope. Sorry, can’t help!

shutterstock_92573179Feels like I already wrote a post on this, hmm? I could go check but the three year old is hovering with a magic wand aimed at my computer. So after my  recent stint at the doctor’s where he told me to take it easy and R-E-L-A-X… I’ve decided it’s time to cut out all the unnecessary ‘stuff’ that I have going on in my life. One of the things I really wanted to do this year was sign up for volunteer work at DS’s school. Even though I’m a SAHM, I’m more a WAHM now, but it’s hard to explain that to people. I have to admit I feel like I’m being judged by the volunteering super-mom crowd. Like, I’m there for school drop-off, pick-up, so why am I not there for every other event like they manage to be? Well, I have no choice, I had to let go of that commitment. And I have to let go of the guilt. No point in trying to eliminate excess from our lives if we’re then riddled by guilt for doing it. We all have our stuff, our obligations. Certain ones we can’t get rid of. I have small children and ageing parents (as do soooo many of us, right?) and I’m the go-to kid for my parents. I will drop everything and have dropped everything to sit-in on doctor’s appointments, or even just be a driver. I am committed to homemade food. It’s just in me and the way I was raised (Italian parents. And no, they don’t believe Chef Boyardee was a real Italian). So I can’t really give up on that and while we do get takeout, it’s not nearly enough to make a difference.

I can’t cut out the writing. Not that I’d want to. So I can cut out the extra stuff-I’m adding cleaning to this list. I’m so anal. I get anxiety when the laundry room is overflowing with unfolded laundry. I’m happiest when my laundry room is spotless because it’s indicative of the state of the rest of  my home. I need to get over that. Bad thinking! I need to just let it go. Chill. Of course I’d have wine to chill, but now that’s been banned until my stomach is better! Booooooo!!!!!

What else do I stress about? OMG…don’t get me started this could be an entire series of posts…well, every time myself or one of the kids gets a ‘mystery’ illness, my creative mind goes into overdrive…it’s a good thing my husband knows this and usually shoots me down with an ‘are you crazy? how do you come up with this stuff?’ I blame it on being a writer! I get paid to come up with crazy ideas! Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it ;-)

All right, off to get the kids to school…cue stomach churning!

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