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Girl Power!

I just came back from a hilarious, wonderful breakfast with my BFF.  We laughed a lot, drank coffee, and caught up on all the latest happenings in each others lives…

So this got me to thinking about the power of the girlfriend in books.  I know I love to read about a heroine and her friends.  I love seeing how they interact, I love the conversation (especially if it’s witty and upbeat) and the inevitable insight you get from their time together.  Even though the central romance is what has to be the focus, I really do love reading and writing about the world around the characters.  I know depending on word count for particular lines this isn’t always possible.

I am happy that in the book I just submitted and the one I’m working on now, the cast of secondary characters is very vivid and entertaining.  And the heroine Holly, and her BFF Claire have a long history together.  It’s so much fun to write strong women who have the confidence to laugh at themselves and support each other.  Claire challenges Holly to go after what she really wants (and Holly of course, returns the favour in the next book).

On that note, I guess I’d better get back to my cast of characters…


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