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Your kids are killing you, lady!

shutterstock_69260365Well, they aren’t killing me…yet! No, not at all actually. So the last couple of months, I’ve had a gnawing, yuck feeling in my stomach. This happened to me in my twenties…after the husband and I opened our own business and I was dealing with stress of that (the money we’d tied up in the business, the long hours, the unknown fate of the venture) and bridezillas. I’m not a person who gets headaches, but apparently I get my stomach in knots. At that time it was so much worse and took months if not close to a year for me to get back to normal. The ultimate was that I had to give up coffee. Note: not for long, as soon as things were back to normal, I started drinking it again.

Anyway, so this feeling came back this year. It sort of snuck up on me. Finally it was impeding my ability to concentrate. So a trip to the doctor and answering a bunch of questions…a few were priceless-my doctor knows me very well.

“Does the pain get worse at any point during the day?”

Me: “Well, I never wake up with a sore stomach. It usually starts about two hours after I’ve been up with the kids….then it usually goes away about an hour after I put them to bed…”

Doctor: “Mmm hmm.” Slight smile appears on his face as he types this info. (I swear at times I feel like Elaine from Seinfeld and am dying to sneak a peak at my patient file. But we all know how that ended, not to mention poor uncle Leo.)

Me: “But I don’t feel stressed. I feel fine.” (Note: As I type this my kids are running around yelling and fighting. Apparently the 3yo has stolen the 7yo’s ‘smelly pencil’).

Doctor: “Do you drink a lot of coffee?”

Me: Shifts eyes away from doctor’s piercing gaze as the image of one of my Christmas presents from my husband pops into my mind:

029“Yes, I drink…a lot of coffee.”

Anyway, long story short, he prescribed some medication…and some tests. I’m down to one cup of coffee a day ūüôĀ I’ll never get through that giant canister of coffee beans!) But, whatever…I need to learn to chill I guess…I’ll let you know how that works out.

So what about you guys? This happen to anyone else? Do you get headaches? Stomach aches? Have you sworn off coffee? (Note, as soon as this stomach thing is over I will be upping the coffee intake ever so slightly). What do you do to relax?




A state of emergency was called…

My coffee maker broke yesterday. ¬†We had a house full of people and there I was, pouring the coffee when, SNAP, the handle split from the glass carafe and it crashed on the counter top. ¬†Hot coffee spilled everywhere. ¬†But that wasn’t the tragedy. ¬†It was broken. ¬†BROKEN.

State of emergency? ¬†Well, yes. ¬†Without coffee, children won’t be fed, dressed, bathed. ¬†Chaos will erupt. ¬†Word count goals won’t be met. ¬†In essence, the house will cease to run.

So, bright and early, I got out my trusty little Italian, stove-top espresso maker ¬†(yup, it was purchased in Italy, over a decade ago at a little ‘mercato’ in my father’s village) and brewed a delightful cup of Illy coffee…And then I grabbed the kids and hightailed it over to the mall where I purchased a gleaming, new, pretty-looking coffee maker.

Now, I’m not known for my skills of assembly or instruction manuel interpretation (my eyes cross over and the words suddenly look foreign), but I got this baby set up in record time. ¬†And now, I’m sipping my second cup of freshly ground Ethiopian coffee…oh, and writing…

I promise, no more posts on coffee…

Pass the coffee, please.

Yawn…so how do you function when your sleep is cut up into small portions because your children (ages 5 and 16mos) should be sleeping through the night, and yet for one reason or another are up?

Our first child, started sleeping through the night more often than not by the age of 2 months-WOW.¬† We were spoiled and didn’t even know it because we were busy adjusting to life as new parents lol.¬† DD, our second child, has still not mastered the art of sleeping through the night and it’s slowly killing me…

Now, they have started taking turns.¬† One night it’s DD.¬† The next night it’s DS.

And then this morning, as I was pressing snooze on my alarm, wondering why I came up with the ‘brilliant’ idea of waking up early to write in the morning, I heard the pitter-pattering…actually no, more like the loud thumping of my son’s feet (I don’t know how someone who weighs like 45lbs could be so loud, but anyway…) in the hallway.¬† I ask him what he’s doing awake at this time of the morning (this is 5:15 am-remember).¬† So he says, “well, you wake up at this time, why can’t I?”¬† So I, of course tell him to go back to bed, using the “I’m a grown-up,” line.¬† I need to guard this time like a precious gem.¬† Seriously, now even my obscene waking hours are being threatened?


Well, it’s a good thing it’s one of my favourite times of year in Canada…Roll up the Rim!¬† I will be frequenting Timmy’s this morning…



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