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The Inspirational Post…

So somewhere out there, in the world of aspiring Romance novelists, is a very, very, happy person.  Congratulations to you, mystery winner!

Now, in case you are one of the entrants of SYTYCW who didn’t get THE call today and you’re feeling kind of down, I’m hoping this will help motivate and inspire you, as much as it does me.

“Between you and every goal that you wish to achieve, there is a series of obstacles, and the bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles. Your decision to be, have and do something out of the ordinary entails facing difficulties and challenges that are out of the ordinary as well.
Sometimes your greatest asset is simply your ability to stay with it longer than anyone else.”

~ Brian Tracy

I think sometimes we can be hard on ourselves when we don’t achieve our goals in X amount of time.  Sometimes, we don’t give ourselves credit for all the effort, time, and sacrifice we put towards getting published.  Many of us have jobs, kids, ‘lives’, and we use up almost all our free time pursuing publication.  It’s so easy to get discouraged.  It’s so easy to think ‘it’ will never happen.  But as long as you keep writing, it will.  How do you know that the next manuscript you send out there won’t be the one?  If you quit, you’ll never know.

That’s about it for motivation, sorry, I gotta get writing!

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Follow your dreams

“20 years from now you will be disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the one’s you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover” ~ Mark Twain

I love this quote because it’s so true…do you fear rejection?  Do you fear failure?  Well you’ll be filled with regret years from now if you didn’t pursue those dreams.  Life is about following your dreams.  If we don’t have dreams, if we have nothing to pursue then I think we lose a bit of that zest for life.

Sometimes days get so crazy and so busy and the thought of just watching t.v. and not doing anything else after the kiddo and baby go to bed is the only thing I feel like doing (and believe me, sometimes t.v. does win out).  But then I think, wow when I’m old and grey (and while I feel like I already am old and grey, I’m really not) am I going to remember that episode of whatever sitcom/drama I watched?  Or am I going to remember the novel that launched my writing career?  So if you’re looking for some food for thought, or some motivation, there it is!


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