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How long do you let it simmer?

Now, I’m not talking about dinner, I’m talking about your manuscript.

How long, after you’ve finished, polished, and done a complete read-through are you ready to send it off?  Do you let it sit for a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks?  I haven’t found the perfect answer yet.  Sometimes when it feels like I’ve been staring and re-reading the same thing too many times to be able to objectively critique it, I need to put it away for a while.  But that’s not always possible.  What if you have a deadline?  What if it’s requested material?

As I so stupidly posted my goals with deadlines down below, I’m supposed to have this done by Sunday night!  At this rate, I’m not sure it’s going to happen.  Just got back from the doctor’s because I finally caved and admitted to myself that I have a sinus infection…and went to get some meds.  So, there goes being able to have some wine tonight, which means, again, if someone read my post below, means I can’t write the love scene.  And even without wine, throbbing cheekbones does NOT lend itself to writing about any other throbbing body parts in a romantic setting, lol.

Is there a point that you start hating your manuscript?  Right now, I’m kind of hating what I’ve written.  I’m hoping it’s because I’ve re-read the same darn chapters over and over again.  Because I really did like this manuscript, oh, a couple of weeks ago.  And I’m sure I’m going to love this manuscript again at some point once I’ve detached myself from it.  And then I’m going to hate it again after I press the send button to email it off to my agent and wait.

How do you know it’s ready?  Is a manuscript ever really ‘ready’?

Writing the love scene…

You’d think for someone who writes romance, I wouldn’t dread writing the love scene, because after all this is a love story, right?

Well, I have problems with it.

And I must admit, I have gotten more comfortable with it, but it takes conscious effort.  I still need to block out the fact that people I know, probably my mother one day, will be reading theses scenes.  I’m in my thirties, I have two children, so this shouldn’t still be this daunting should it? The lines I’m targeting don’t have explicit loves scenes, so what’s my problem?

I know if I’m reading a romance novel, the love scene very important.  It’s intimate and can convey so many vital feelings that may not have been exposed before.  The characters are making themselves vulnerable.  And when the scene is over, things have changed between them.  Their relationship can never be the same.  This is a lot of pressure on a poor writer like myself, lol.  I feel like I need to convey the deep emotion, the passion without getting bogged down by the details…

Anyone have any tips on how to get over it?  One thing I’ve discovered is wine.  Yes, a glass of wine does help, as sad as that sounds.  And depending how much trouble I’m having, a second glass doesn’t hurt either, lol.  I find the wine helps get rid of the inhibitions (mine, not my characters’).  But seriously, if I’m going to make a career out of writing romance novels, I’m hoping wine isn’t always going to be required because, um, I may develop a little bit of a problem, lol.

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