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And it’s off…

Well, it’s done, it’s gone.

I’ve sent off a first chapter, synopsis, and a few paragraphs of some other book ideas I have.

The last few days have been a crazy blur…what seemed like something so simple, turned into a monumental undertaking.  Wednesday after school, DS came home with a sore throat-so right away I knew Thursday would mean he’d be home from school-after having just been off from school for his 2 week spring break.  Then DH had to go away for work.  Then the washing machine that was supposedly fixed now needs an entire new control panel.  So, long story short, the last 2 nights I’ve been up until 2am working away…

Last night (or early morning) I finally hit send, and emailed it off.

And now I live in fear of my inbox.  I sent a copy to my agent as well, as she hasn’t seen it.  So now I live in fear of two different emails.

This story is such a departure from what I’ve been writing lately.  It has glamour and intrigue and it’s set in France.  I do love the characters, Hayden and Madelyn, and the very different paths they’ve walked in life.  I guess the question though is whether the editor will like them and the premise…

So the self-doubt continues…on two different projects.

And now I have to decide which manuscript to return to…and then I’m taking tonight off!

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