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What was I thinking?

A few months ago we received a post card advertising a raw-food-organic-juice cleanse.  This seemed like quite the interesting idea.  Note the word “seemed.”  Anyway, I didn’t throw out the card, I just tucked it away, not really expecting to take it out again anytime soon.  Then DH mentioned it last week…and I said casually, “yeah, sounds interesting.”

He ordered it.  It arrived this week.  So the instructions said to drink one juice every 2-2.5 hours.  There were six bottles of juice per day.  No food.  Just the juice.  Fine.  Alarm bells only going off mildly at this point.  Then, I get to the section in the instructions that say-NO COFFEE.  What????  I cannot function without caffeine.  Come on.  I think I even did a blog post a while back about a new coffee maker.  Coffee is a very important part of my life!!!  I did manage to give it up for two pregnancies, but after that last baby was born, I vowed never again to be without coffee!!

Day One: The juice didn’t taste so bad.  The green one was a little um…nauseating, but I was a trooper.  But the caffeine withdrawal headache? Let’s just say, it was powerful.  I can’t even remember that day clearly.  But we got through it, and didn’t eat a thing.

Day Two: I almost threw up that green drink.  I had to plug my nose so I didn’t have to smell it.  The caffeine withdrawal headache was thankfully gone-but so was all our energy.  We actually fell asleep on the sofa as the kids ran around the room.  We almost caved and ate dinner.  Almost.  I went to bed gagging on the last juice of the night.

Day Three (today):  I had to pour half the green juice down the sink.  My stomach is churning.  BUT, I did have a cup of coffee-and manage to write almost 2k in 1hr in my new WIP.  So, see I really do need coffee to write!  It’s part of the job.  Oh, we’ve also decided we are eating a giant dinner tonight!!!  Technically we’re not supposed to eat until tomorrow.  But hey, I think we gave it a fair shot!

So, would I recommend a 3-day juicing cleanse?  Maybe if your life is pretty calm, and you can sleep extra hours and not have to look after children.  Maybe.

Tomorrow morning I’m drinking a massive cup of coffee and plan on enjoying every last drop!

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2 Comments on What was I thinking?

  1. Olivia Miles
    Friday, November 30, 2012 at 5:01 pm (4 years ago)

    No thanks! I commend you on the effort, and I think you pretty much fulfilled the three days and can reward yourself with a true feast tonight instead of waiting until the morning. What will be on the menu? Donuts? Pizza? Wine? I imagine even cardboard would taste delicious at this point!

    • Victoria James
      Friday, November 30, 2012 at 5:05 pm (4 years ago)

      Ha, thank you! We are having homemade pizza, wine, cheese, and crackers!!!! 🙂


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